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Research Interests:

Political Economics, Industrial Organization, Energy and Resource Economics, Gender Economics

Refereed Publications

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Working Papers and Work in Progress

  • Autocracy, Democratization and the Resource Curse, 2019

  • Gender and Discretion in Public Procurement, with V.Jascisens and G.Spagnolo

  • Effects of (De)Criminalization of Domestic Violence, with M.Berlin, P.Campa and G.Spagnolo

  • Oil and Gender: Microlevel Evidence

  • Oil, Environmental Damage and Social Conflict: Microlevel Evidence

  • Gasoline Prices and Electoral Cycles in Russia, with S.Atmaca

  • Political Institutions and Endogenous Trade Integration, with N.Volchkova

  • Common Policies in a Union: the EU Energy Policy, with C. Le Coq

Other Publications